• Pantheon - Cover


    ISBN: 0007413637

    The new high concept thriller from the number one best selling author of The Righteous Men

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  • The Chosen One - Cover

    The Chosen One

    ISBN: 0007342608

    Bruised by years of disappointments, political advisor Maggie Costello is finally working for a leader she can believe in. She, along with the rest of America, has put her trust in President Stephen Baker, believing he can make the world a better place.

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  • The Final Reckoning - Cover

    The Final Reckoning

    ISBN: 0007266499

    Tom Byrne has fallen from grace since his days as an idealistic young lawyer in New York. Now he'll work for anyone – as long as the money's right. So when the United Nations call him in to do their dirty work, he accepts the job without hesitation.

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  • The Last Testament - Cover

    The Last Testament

    ISBN: 0007203330

    April 2003: as the Baghdad Museum of Antiquities is looted, a teenage Iraqi boy finds an ancient clay tablet in a long-forgotten vault. He takes it and runs off into the night … Several years later, at a peace rally in Jerusalem, the Israeli prime minister is about to sign a historic deal with the Palestinians.

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  • The Righteous Men - Cover

    The Righteous Men

    ISBN: 9780061239434

    The righteous shall never be removed: but the wicked shall not inhabit the earth. . . .

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